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WARNING! You may lose your MIND!

January 24, 2018

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Good Vibes and NBR

January 14, 2018


The new year is here and we all have a new years resolution. The easy part is coming up with one. The hard part is staying motivated and committed. Don't stress! You're not alone. Most people think they will change because we enter the new year  but, the truth is that it's only another day! Not any normal day but still it's just another day. You must do things even if your mood has passed and the NEW YEAR drive has gone. 

Did you know most of the resolutions have something to do with self image or making more money? We all want to look and feel better and make more money. That's a good thing because nothing is far worse than settling. One of the great things about starting a new year is that it gives us hope and allows us to dream more and reach higher! So any resolution can be done, but you must be committed.

My resolution started last year in November when I decided that I needed something more. I usually never make choices at the end of the year because I'm stuck waiting on the "new year" to dictate what I should do. This was different however, I knew I wanted something and I went for it because I wanted to bring something great with me into the new year. I chose GOOD VIBES immediately! I knew I wanted for 2018 to be different This would then set a plan for an achievable resolution! 

Then I went more specific, I wanted to advance my technical skills and continue my growth as a hairstylist and so in comes NBR. Natural Beaded Rows was created by Danielle K. White. She created a hybrid technique that has changed the hair game forever. I am super excited to bring this new technique to my studio! 

Let me tell you, this technique is life changing! I will be giving more details after I return from California on Jan 16, 2018. You can follow my story on Instagram or Facebook for fun and details for my trip!


Watch this video NOW!!


So ladies,don't let a day determine when to put forth your goals! Decide what you want and take steps to achieve it. Break it down and DO IT! With determination and commitment your resolutions can be accomplished!!

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