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WARNING! You may lose your MIND!

January 24, 2018

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Back Stabs and Hair Saves

February 2, 2018

Every once in a while I get a client that will forget where they started. They forget the hair disaster that they came in with and start to get a lil' picky and forget that I fixed their hair. I've had situations where I get TRADED because of pricing and the LOYALTY fades and let's be real so does their great hair. Excuses are made: you weren't available, my friend does it cheaper, I went out of town for a while, I like another color line (Garnier box doesn't count), you're too far, blah blah blah! Truth is, only a FEW know about quality and loyalty. I work hard at getting clients' hair to a healthy stage and then BOOM! BACK STAB and they bounce to another stylist! #noloyalty 


Here are the main reasons why they do this:

1. Forgetting their beginning stage of fried and damaged hair

2. Being impatient with a color process and not understanding the science of it (ex: black box hair to platinum in one day)

3.Pricing seems ridiculous even though a miracle is expected


Now I'm not saying my services are perfect but there is a process to having beautiful and manageable hair. Sometimes the expectations of  filtered AF Instagram and Pinterest hair is just too high. Falling in love with Kim Kardashian and wanting to get exactly that hair (aka make my face look like her) and expecting to pay $50 is a slap in the face and is beyond realistic. IT CAN HAPPEN HOWEVER, WITH PATIENCE , TIME AND CHINGO BLING! ($$$) 


My LOYAL clients have INVESTED in their locks and are dedicated to the process. They also come in with expectations to look like themselves. They bring INSPO pics of actual HAIR and not a zoomed pic ok Kim K only showing her bangs. If there is ever an issue or they have any questions they are comfortable enough to call me out and trust that I will resolve any problem. They don't run to another stylist claiming I RUINED their hair when in reality they never followed the hair regimen I gave them or they were too quick to BACKSTAB and run to their friend who couldn't fix and thus led them to "FIND A NEW STYLIST".  To this I say "Thank you NEW STYLIST for taking any disloyal person out of my chair and allowing a greater client to fill that spot." I am quick to never think about sitting them in my chair again (#nonewfriendsnonono)  and that gives my VALUABLE clients exclusivity. Not  just anyone is allowed in my chair and those beauties are one of a kind!  


It's mutual LOYALTY. I promise to continue my hair education so that I am able to bring that to my chair and have clients TRUST ME. (chances are if you are reading boo you are loyal). LOYALTY and RESPECT my ladies, gets you fabulous, flip in your face, jealous much?, insta worthy hair. Not to mention the up keep and the loyalty to rebooking and coming back as soon as they feel they're feeling kinda not cute. I appreciate every single one of them! 


With this I leave this wonderful slide show of hair DISASTERS I've dealt with.

Some are gone and some remain! But rest assured I never forget, and that Wal-Mart hair dye won't cover any disloyal shame! Bye Bye to anyone talking crap about my services and HELLO to all the NEW BEAUTIES that know their worth and INVEST in themselves!!


To see real beauties showing off their lovely hair go to or visit Instagram @gabirstudio 



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