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WARNING! You may lose your MIND!

January 24, 2018

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Listen and You WILL Learn!

February 5, 2018

I have had the HONOR of meeting so many wonderful people in my industry. I invest in myself to be able to bring back a little something each time I travel. I make it a point to take something from each and every person I meet. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds to gain a different perspective in LIFE. Take the time to ask someone for advice or simply LISTEN to their stories! You never know what you may learn. Education and technical skills are important but sometimes it's the back story of an educator that makes the biggest impact. Below you will find a list of the things that I taken away from each and every artist that I have met and taken classes from. 


1. Danielle K. White: You have to protect what is yours. 

2. Matty Conrad: Some of the best moments aren't even about hair. Listen and you will learn.

3. Lisa Loves Balayage: Things can change over night, you may not be ready but you can do it.

4. Renny Vasquez: If you are not happy with something, have the courage to change it.

5.Jamie Sea: Acknowledge where you are in life.

6. Larissa Love: Believe you can do anything and then go make it happen.

7.Justin Thomas: Stay Real

8. Risa: We are all one of a kind, when you have someone who believes in you, you can shine even more!

9. Michael DeVellis: Network Network Network

10. Danessa Myricks: Things can be surreal, do you and you will shine.

11. Jordan Liberty: Fuck Cancer and no excuses

12 .Kat Von D: Hug a tree and be conencted with our Earth it's all we got.

13. Erik Soto: Be Bold

14. Candy Shaw: Learn techniques but make them yours.

15. Mark Bustos: It's about what you give others not what you gain.

16. Derek Cash Styles: Surround yourself with what you want yo become.

17. Hair God Zito: When you find yourself it's easy to show it in your craft.

18. Guy Tang: Fuck bullies, believe that different is great!

19. Johnny Ramirez: Hard work Pays off & God is Good.

20. Orlando Santiago: Educate yourself even when you thing you've had enough.

21. James Vincent: Stay on top of your game what ever it may be.

22. Anh Co Trahn: Love is Everything.


Thanks to these and so many more creative artists! They keep me so motivated and remind me that




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