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WARNING! You may lose your MIND!

January 24, 2018

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ICE QUEEN..not your BASIC B!@$H

March 2, 2018


 I mean the caption says it all! This girl is a one of a kind type of gem! This month's feature goes to Mrs. Riley Moreno! Yeah, I did that. Mrs. that is because this girl is so NOT BASIC! One of my favorite and most loyal clients to date, I have to shine the light on her! As if her hair isn't stunning enough, let's just acknowledge her beauty! Like YAASSS! 





Now Riley wasn't always an icy blonde. She of course understood the process of going lighter and therefore got to keep her long and thick beautiful hair. When I met Riley our conversation involved shaving the back of her head and possibly going grey! Well, we shaved the back of her head but the grey tone was short lived. Her hair at the time was definitely not light enough to hold the grey tones and as we all know, grey last about 2 seconds! So she settled for highlights. Gradually we added more and more with a dash of color here and there and now fast forward to ICE QUEEN at it's finest. I hope she takes it as a compliment because her picture is one of the most popular requests among new clients coming into my studio! They all say I want this ICY BLONDE! Unfortunately, not everyone can get this ICY therefore she reigns QUEEN in my studio with a few princesses trying to reach her status! Not quite there tho!





This beauty is an amazing mother of three cutie pies and loving wife to her husband.  Seriously cutest family ever! She dedicates her life to making them happy! I enjoy hearing all her stories and spending time  freely cussing and listening to rap while in my studio lol!  With random Spanish words here and there and chisme (gossip) only we can relate to, this girl is too cool! (no pun intended)! Even though she's waaaaaay younger, I truly enjoy her company cause I know there's always plenty of laughs and stories that start with "GIRRRL let me tell you!" (inspired my t-shirt, so if you own you know. If you don't, girrrl!)




So because she's such a ray of sunshine and always brings a smile to my face, I feature la bella Riley Moreno! Thank you for making me smile and straight up a million thanks for your LOYALTY!



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