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January 24, 2018

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Sassy Summer

March 16, 2018










Summer is a hop and a skip away! We all know what that means...

Hot days and summer fun!



With that comes a SASSY ATTITUDE that is brought upon us from the extra Vitamin D we get from the SUN! The happy vibes kick in we get back in our good moods and everything is so much enjoyable! 


Let's face it, after being locked up during our long Minnesota winter all we can think about is how soon will Summer get here!? Not soon enough that's or sure!


Don't be sad and don't get too anxious! We all dread the cold and grey days that come with winter! But let's look at the bright side, that means we still have time to up our self-care game and get ready to shine bright this summer!


Here's a list of  must do's to be SUMMER  ready:



1. Amp up your WORKOUT routine! Start taking walks or dancing to your favorite music if the gym isn't your thing. If you don't work out, then now's the time to start! Working out will give you the energy necessary to keep up with your kids (or friends) all summer long. 


2. Get your healthy GLOW by drinking more WATER! we all know it's good for us but why is it so hard to do? A good way to start is by adding a drinking water app like Water Time Pro or Water Drink Reminder to your phone. This helped me step up my water game by sending me an alert when I need to drink more water. I went from zero ounces to 36-42 oz per day! That's better than nothing! For those who are reluctant to drink plain water try infusing your daily drinks with fruits or fresh cucumber and lemon slices. Drinking water helps detox your body and makes your skin hydrated, meaning less wrinkles!


3. Get your SPRAY TAN on! We all got a little ghostly this winter and no matter what skin tone you are, your skin will look amazing with a couple of  spray tan sessions. 


4. Get LASHED! Yes! If you are one to wear minimal makeup, then this is your thing! Getting a full set of lashes will make your eyes appear a lot younger and will give a natural lift. You can choose to do strip lashes and glue or go for a permanent route if you know you're going to be in the water all summer long!




5. GET YOUR HAIR DID! Yasss girl! Don't wait until summer to start going brighter and lighter. Start early in the spring to achieve your brightest color by summer.Remember balayage is still a huge must for summer.  If you're craving that long beautiful hair that you see on pinterest....giiirrll I have GOT THE HOOK UP! Come see me for your complimentary consultation for NBR hair! You can also visit my Instagram @gabirstudio to see what NBR is about! If you want long and beautiful MERMAID SUMMER READY HAIR and you're ready, fill out this form (Click Here ) and I will get back to you!


6. Can't forget to get your NAILS done! Set up a mani and pedi and invite your BFF for fun catch up day. If you prefer going SOLO, bring a good book to read and enjoy a relaxing day.


7..Last but not least GO SHOPPING! Save your dollars to go shopping for a summer wardrobe! If you save starting now you can have a nice chunk of  $$$ in your piggy bank for a summer wardrobe.  You can celebrate the official first day of summer (June 20th) by planning a shopping day with your girls and ending it with some margaritas!  For those who need a few extra tips check out Pinterest for all your summer outfit must haves!

 So what are you waiting for? Get started on your list! Spring still has a few weeks left so you have plenty of time! Feel free to add some more of your own tasks to it and share it with your besties!   

We all need a PARTNER in CRIME to hold us accountable!  xoxo-Gabi

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