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WARNING! You may lose your MIND!

January 24, 2018

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Tuck it in my Pants!

April 20, 2018


Hair that is! Let's be real who doesn't want long mermaid hair?! Long gorgeous hair that tucks in your pants every time you tuck your shirt or hair you may occasionally sit on? It sounds like a nightmare?! What girl?! No, let me explain!


For many of us NOT SO LUCKY mermaids, that sounds amazing! I for one, am one with super fine and thin hair. It lacks volume and no matter what I do, it only seems to reach a certain length before I start to see breakage! My hair struggle is REAL!


I have to infuse my hair literally with a bunch of product to give it volume! My arsenal includes: texturizing powder, root lifting spray, volume mousse, sea spray texturizer, pastes, blow dry spray, volume spray, dry shampoo, the list goes on and on! Don't get me wrong though, I love products! The big issue here is that even though I use all these amazing products, my hair still lacks length! 


I feel so blah! So icky! So old! lol! Seriously, our hair ages too! It gets finer with age and lacks the density it once had making it look thin and brittle. It reminds me that I am no longer 21 with that glowing skin and wonderful long shiny hair I once had. 


So who feels me?  If you look in the mirror....oooh I better not take it there! I know what I see and I don't like it! Lucky for me I can change it! YASSS! There is a way!! Double YASSS!


I found my dream hair and I am absolutely in LOVE with it! No seriously I fucking LOVE IT! I was recently in Laguna Beach in California training and let me tell you, I realized how sad I was and how I was really reducing my selfie game to zero or actually  for once turned the camera to the scenery. Ha Ha!


No not really But yes, I was sad! Below are pics that never made it on social media cause my hair game was weak! I mean I even look uncomfortable! EEEK!


















 I kept thinking WTF?! Why does this picture suck? (seriously not trying to sound conceded) I just wanted to feel beautiful, the way EVERY WOMAN does!




My trip was definitely not ruined but rather rescued! I bet you're wondering how. WELLLL, I my friends, invested in myself! I got NBR! The number one technique for natural looking hair! I am in love like I said before! My selfie game got stronger immediately! Well not immediately that second but girl you catch my drift! After NBR being installed I literally took a look in the mirror and I was complete! Huge smile and all! My confidence gage went from 99.5 to 100! I was complete again! En Serio! I felt so much sexier! (sexy pic below lol :)





Now this time around I didn't quite get the long tuck in your pants hair but my volume is back and I will not trade it for anything! My trip to Laguna was very successful because my training was a success but mainly because I felt complete again!



If you feel me girl, if you look in the mirror and well you know what we do, if your hair is lacking game then girl you are ready! 


CLICK the link and let's go on a hair journey that will change your weak hair game FOREVER!




Do it because sexy is good, do it because confidence is worth it, do it because you deserve it, because you've waited long enough, do it because life is way more beautiful when YOU feel beautiful!



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